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About the company

Our company B N M is a manufacturing company in the field of metal processing industry and has a significant influence on the Podravska region. The company was founded in July 2011 with the aim of establishing the production of cabins for the UNIMOG commercial vehicle and is classified as a medium-sized company.
The business and production zone Maribor – Tezno, where our company operates, has more than 60 years of tradition in the transformation of metal materials.

Until 1996, TAM trucks and buses were produced at this location in all stages up to the final product. Individual segments of the production phases continued even later in the newly established companies. We have transferred knowledge, positive experience and long-standing tradition to our company, and upgraded it with modern management and business methods, as we are convinced that the latter is extremely important for success.

The company operates in the metal processing industry. The most important customers come from the automotive industry and the white goods industry. Production is divided into three important sets of products:
1. complex production of cabins for trucks,
2. elements with sheet metal transformation and assembly for other customers,
3. components for the metal industry.

The material is cut to a suitable size for further transformation with transformation tools on presses with a compression power of 100 to 1,600 tons. Pressed elements are trimmed to the correct shape with tools and with the help of 3D laser cutting. The finally formed and trimmed elements are assembled into components in clamping preparations and combined with spot welding and MAG welding processes into complex products such as cabins and other products. Welding procedures are performed manually and mechanically with welding machines and welding robots. Products are sent to customers in suitable packaging.